Downloads I Green Button 2.0

Green Button Standard 2.0

Here you can download the Green Button Standard 2.0 documents.


Questions and answers (FAQs)

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the government-run certification label.


Green Button Product Categories

Which textiles or products made of textile material are eligible for certification with the Green Button label? Here you will find an overview of certifiable goods from the areas of clothing textiles, household and home textiles, technical textiles and textile shoes and accessories.


The Green Button and how to obtain it

You would like to have your products certified with the Green Button? You can find all important information about the Green Button and the path to certification here.


Recognised certification labels

The compliance with the requirements of the Green Button can be demonstrated via credible certification labels. An overview of which labels the Green Button 2.0 and 1.0 recognises can be found here.

Download (February 2023)

Downloads I Green Button 1.0

Green Button Standard

The Green Button Standard contains the requirements that must be met in order for products to be awarded the Green Button. Together with the Regulations and the Certification Programme, this document provides the basis for Green Button certification. Please note: The Certification Programme is not yet available in English.


Green Button Leaflet for Companies

Get involved! Many companies are already demonstrating that sustainable fashion is possible. You can find a brief description of the most important information about the Green Button for companies here.


Green Button Leaflet

The Green Button provides guidance for consumers when shopping for sustainably manufactured textiles. A short overview of the most important information about the government-run certification label can be found here.


Green Button ONE PAGER

Here you can find a brief information paper: The Green Button on one page.