Approval of certification bodies

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Requirements for Green Button certification bodies

Auditors from independent, authorised certification bodies check the compliance of applicant companies with the requirements of the Green Button standard in accordance with ISO 17065 and the Green Button certification programme. The certification bodies are responsible for issuing certificates and, consequently, ultimately for awarding products with the Green Button. The capabilities of certification bodies and their appointed auditors are therefore key factors in the success and impact of the Green Button standard and its certification programme.

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Who is admitted and what is the admission procedure?

Since 1st March 2021, only certification bodies and their evaluation staff that have undergone an accreditation procedure are approved for certification in the Green Button system. By means of a two-stage approval procedure, the office checks the suitability of the certification bodies and their auditors. Experience and know-how on sustainability in textile supply chains or other sectors, as well as experience in auditing the Green Button recognised labels, are key elements of eligibility. These are therefore assumed and checked by the office.

What does the training programme for certification bodies by the Green Button Secretariatcover?

In an intensive and comprehensive training programme, the Green Button Secretariat trains the auditors on topics of corporate due diligence processes, the specific requirements of the certification label as well as on the Green Button auditing process. Only the successful participation in an online course as well as a classroom training of several days can lead to the final approval of a certification body.

Interested in becoming a Green Button certification body?

Are you interested in the Green Button and would like to be approved as a Green Button certification body? Please feel free to contact us at

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Trainings at Green Button Secretariat

Planned trainings

There are currently no training courses planned. 

Trainings on request

Upon request from interested certification bodies and if the minimum number of participants (at least 6 persons) is reached, we will be happy to offer dates. Please send your request to