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Work with us to make textile
supply chains more sustainable.

Sustainability pays off

Surveys show that three quarters of consumers attach importance to sustainable garments. They believe that manufacturers must ensure that textiles are produced in a way that is both socially and environmentally sustainable. Almost as many consumers would be willing to spend more on fashion items if employees in the supply chains were paid fair wages.

Many companies are already demonstrating that sustainable fashion is possible. The Green Button makes sustainable fashion visible!

Information on the Green Button

The info event "Webinar for companies: Green Button 2.0" is aimed at companies that are not yet licensed and offers information on the licensing process. In the "Green Button Q&A", non-licenced and licensed companies have the opportunity to ask individual questions and exchange ideas with our team.

We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!

Webinar for companies: Green Button 2.0

Are you interested in how you can have your responsible actions certified? You would like to label your sustainability on the textile product? In our free and non-binding webinar, we would like to give you an overview of how the Green Button Standard combines the requirements for sustainable manufacturing of products with requirements for corporate due diligence processes.

When: Every first Thursday of the month | 11 am - 12 pm CEST
Where: Online (GoToWebinar)
Language: German

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Green Button Q&A

Are you interested in the Green Button Standard 2.0 and would like to know what your next action steps are for the certification audit? Or do you have questions about implementing the requirements?

Sign up for our open Green Button Q&A. 

When: every second Thursday | 09:30 (CEST)
Where: Online (Microsoft Teams)

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Get involved!

Work with us to make textile supply chains more sustainable

The Green Button is a global certification label. You can use the Green Button in Germany and in other countries. Companies from other countries can also apply for Green Button certification. That is important, because many companies operate at international level.

The Green Button addresses all companies that manufacture and/or sell textiles.

An even more demanding standard version, Green Button 2.0, has been on the market since August 2022. New companies can only be tested according to the new standard. There is a transition phase for the requirements for fibres and materials, which lasts until July 31rst, 2026. 

The audit is efficient and as unbureaucratic as possible

Companies can draw on evidence already provided, such as recognised product certification labels or prior work within the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. This will prevent duplication of effort.

The Green Button applies to almost all textiles, including those made of synthetic fibers. You can find out which fibers are specifically recognized here. Equip your clothing, textile fashion accessories, home textiles, mattresses, bedding, backpacks and much more with the Green Button and set an example for responsibility!

Information Package for Companies 2.0

You are already in the licensing process? Then you find further documents, such as a guide with helpful examples to implement the requirements in the online portal. Log in at the top right of the page.

You want to get started? We have compiled all the relevant details about the certification label, the requirements, our communication measures and the costs in a comprehensive information package.

This is how it works


1. Information and application

Issuing body

Your company contacts the issuing body and requests an audit. The issuing body provides you with information documents and answers your questions about the certification process. Your company then submits an application for certification and this application is checked for eligibility by the issuing body.

2. Consultation

Green Button Secretariat

If your application is approved, the Green Button Secretariat will offer you an informal, confidential consultation. This serves the purpose of your preparing for the audit which will be conducted by an independent certification body.

3. Certification audit

Certification body

Following the consultation, you can prepare for the audit using the extenisive material offered. Hereafter you can make an audit appointment with one of the certification bodies authorised by the Green Button. You will conclude an agreement with the certification body on carrying out the audit. The certification body will monitor fulfilment of all due diligence requirements as well as the existing recogniced certification labels for the products to be awarded.

Certification bodies authorised by the Green Button are: Din CertcoControl UnionHohensteinTüV Nord und PFI Germany.

4. Licensing

Issuing body

After receiving its certificate, your company will conclude a licence agreement with the issuing body. This agreement is valid for a three-year period, during which your company may identify the respective products as Green Button-certified. Your company will find details on identifying and advertising certified products in the Green Button logo manual.


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We will be happy to give you more detailed information on the structures, processes and criteria involved in the Green Button, and to support you throughout the application process.

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