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Dorint is first hotel chain in Germany to switch to sustainable textiles with Green Button label


The Germany-based Dorint hotel group is switching to using socially-sound and environmentally-friendly sustainable textiles. Beginning with aprons and everyday face masks for staff members, the company will also subsequently move to certified bed linen for its 10,000-plus hotel rooms and certified workwear for its 4,500 employees. German Development Minister Gerd Müller welcomes the sustainable approach and visited a Dorint hotel in Eppendorf, Hamburg. Minister Müller had introduced the new Green Button textile label in September 2019.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller: ‘I’m delighted to see Dorint leading the way and opting for sustainable textiles under the Green Button label. It’s good for the environment and for people. In times of crisis especially, solidarity and responsibility are vital, not least for the workers at the beginning of our supply chains. We wear face masks in hotels and shops because we want to take care of one another. The same must also apply to the people who manufacture the clothes we wear. Sustainability must become the norm. Dorint shows us that this is possible.’

Dirk Iserlohe, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Dorint Hotelgroup: ‘Sustainability should be put into practice, not just talked about, and so we’ve started to re-think things in terms of where we procure our new workwear and the necessary textiles.’

By switching to sustainable textiles, the Dorint hotel chain is extending its social commitment and taking on more environmental responsibility.




Dorint’s workwear and textiles are manufactured by Cologne-based firm KAYA&KATO. KAYA&KATO GmbH was one of the first companies to be certified with the German Development Ministry’s Green Button textile label in September 2019.


About the Green Button

The Green Button is the government-run certification label for sustainable textiles. A total of 46 stringent social and environmental criteria must be met, covering a wide spectrum from wastewater to forced labour. What is special about the Green Button is that the entire company is audited, not just individual T-shirts or textiles. Offering individual products for show is not enough. The entire company must operate in a sustainable manner. 40 companies have already undergone Green Button certification since the label was launched in 2019 and offer Green Button-certified products.


About the Dorint Group

Headquartered in Cologne, the Dorint Group is one of Germany’s leading hotel chains. The long-established firm belongs to holding company HONESTIS AG and currently operates over 60 hotels under the brands ‘Dorint Hotels & Resorts’, ‘Hommage Luxury Hotels Collection’ and ‘Essential by Dorint’, with three hotels in Switzerland and one in Austria. The company presently employs over 4,500 staff members. 25 September 2019 marked the 60th anniversary of the ‘Dorint Hotels & Resorts’ brand.