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Extension of the transition period for meeting the production requirements I 20.01.2023

In order to give companies more time for production planning and, if necessary, conversion, the scheme owner has decided to extend the transition period for compliance with the production requirements according to den Green Button 2.0 by one year to 31st July 2024.

This means for companies:

  • The production requirements according to GB 2.0 at the level of fibres and materials, wet processes and ready-made garments will become binding after 31st July 2024. 
  • Articles can continue to be produced according to GB 1.0 until this date. A later sale of articles already produced and ordered up to this date is possible.
  • The new requirements for the use of fibres and materials are binding from August 2024.
  • The deadline for meeting the requirements for corporate due diligence processes according to GB 2.0 does not change. Companies must complete their audit according to GB 2.0 by this summer (31st July 2023).

With the help of companies’ feedback, we gathered practical experiences concerning the production requirements and the list of approved fibres and materials which ultimately led to the extension of the deadline. The transition period has been extended from 31st July 2023 to 31st July 2024 in order to give companies more time for production planning and conversion. In addition, the evaluation procedure (benchmarking) of the certification labels that are recognised for the Green Button 2.0 is still taking place. Many certification labels have already been assessed and recognised (see this overview), but other labels have not yet been assessed. This is because many certification labels are also currently being revised and are introducing new standard versions. The Green Button assessment must be coordinated with these individual revision cycles. The extended transition period also gives companies the possibility to know earlier which certification labels can be introduced in the GB 2.0.