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Green Button at Neonyt on Air

Digital instead of presence - everything is different at Berlin Fashion Week this year.
With our partner Neonyt we have nevertheless prepared some input for you and presented an exciting interview, followed by a Q&A session. Take a look: 

Due diligence – due tomorrow? presented by Grüner Knopf

The interview with Anosha Wahidi, Head of Division for Sustainable Supply Chains at the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Max Gilgenmann, Content Director Neonyt. The interview is presented by Grüner Knopf and features insights into the current (political) situation regarding the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (Bündnis für nachhaltige Textilien), government-run certification label Green Button (Grüner Knopf), the German government's rating portal, but above all the Due Diligence Act (Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz), which is currently being discussed in the media but also behind closed doors.

In a following Q&A session, Anosha Wahidi answered questions from the community on current topics concerning the Green Button. 

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Talk Due diligence - due tomorrow