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Publication of the standard documents Green Button 2.0 I 09.08.2022

Another milestone in the further development of the Green Button has been reached: The criteria of the Green Button 2.0 have been defined and published. After the decision on the criteria was made by the seal provider (BMZ) based on the recommendations of the advisory board and the feedback from the public consultations, the finalized standard documents were published. It was already clear at the time of introduction that the seal would be successively further developed. The Green Button 2.0 will now come into force on 01.08.2022.

The documents can be viewed here.

The Green Button 2.0 places additional requirements on corporate due diligence processes - and existing criteria have also been revised. There are also innovations with regard to label-related requirements for production processes: This supply chain stage of raw material extraction is added and there are also requirements for fiber and material use for the first time.

We will also be providing detailed information and explanations about the Green Button 2.0 on our website in the near future.

Thank you for your patience!