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What people are saying about the Green Button – German Development Minister Dr Gerd Müller


‘The government is responsible for setting the criteria. Independent auditors check for compliance with the required standards. This builds trust.’

‘What is special about the Green Button is that the entire company is audited. Offering individual products for show is not enough. No other scheme conducts such detailed checks.’

‘Over 50 companies are interested in the Green Button. The demand shows that we’re on the right track.’

‘A total of 46 stringent social and environmental criteria must be met, covering a wide spectrum from wastewater to forced labour. They also include a ban on exploitative child labour.’

‘The tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory, which claimed the lives of over 1,000 textile workers, must never be allowed to happen again.’

‘I’m delighted to see an increasing number of people enquiring as to whether their clothes have been fairly produced and calling upon companies and politicians to ensure that clothing is sustainably manufactured. 16-hour shifts in stuffy factories, a lack of personal protective clothing, firing of workers if they become pregnant, the use of hazardous chemicals and the payment of breadline wages must all finally become something of the past.’

‘Many companies are already demonstrating that sustainable fashion is possible. This is why I don’t buy the argument that companies have no control over the conditions in factories. Even small start-ups manage to do something about this. After all, we live in the digital age.’

‘Look out for the Green Button if you’re interested in purchasing socially responsible and environmentally friendly fashion in future. With every purchase, we can help consumers to end child labour and protect the environment.’