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Extension of the transitional period for the fiber and material requirements until July 31rst, 2026


With the introduction of the Green Button 2.0 in August 2022, requirements for the use of fibers and materials in Green Button products were defined for the first time. They intend to promote the sustainable extraction of raw materials and the recyclability of textile products in the long term. Following the expiry of the previous transitional period, the requirements should come into force from July 31rst, 2024. The transitional period for the fiber and material requirements of the Green Button 2.0 has now been extended until July 31rst, 2026 by the Green Button's scheme holder, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The main reason for the extension of the transitional period is the fact that various political regulations for the textile sector in the European Union (EU) are currently being discussed, which are likely to have a major impact on the requirements of the Green Button, particularly in the area of fibers and materials.

These primarily include the EU Sustainable Product Regulation (ESPR), the Green Claims Directive and the revision of the Textile Labeling Regulation (TLR).

  • The ESPR is intended to set requirements for the design and material selection of textiles. The relevant legislation, including the introduction of a digital product passport, will come into force between 2024 and 2027.
  • The Green Claims Directive is intended to regulate sustainability claims and limit the proliferation of ecolabels. This directive will be implemented by the member states 24 months after it is adopted at EU level.
  • The revision of the Textile Labelling Regulation (TLR) will also place new requirements on the physical and digital labeling of textiles.

The implications of these regulations for standards and the sector as a whole are not yet foreseeable. Against this backdrop, there is a considerable risk that the Green Button will impose requirements on the use of fibers and materials that would have to be adjusted or withdrawn once the regulations come into force.

Licensees can continue to voluntarily have products certified according to the fiber and material requirements of the Green Button 2.0 until July 31rst, 2026. The meta seal requirements for the manufacturing and wet processes are not affected by this extended transition period; these must be met in accordance with the Green Button Standard 2.0 from July 31rst, 2024.

With the adjusted transition period, products can be awarded the Green Button 2.0 after 31.07.2024 if they

Note: The information on the website regarding the transition period is currently being revised.